About Us
BSP specializes in the design and processing of various PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) and high-performance engineering plastic parts (such as PEEK, POM, UPE..). The products were extensively applied in industries such as medical practice, automotive, aerospace, aviation, chemistry, food, pipeline, machinery, electronics, and electric heating. Since the company establishment, we have continued to develop new products and improve the manufacturing process with expertise and integration capability. Based on our professional R&D team and highly efficient productivity, we have addressed the diversified supply demands of PTFE-processed products and ensure stable product quality for clients through systematic operation after passing the ISO-9001 certification.。

With rich experience from cooperation with peers in the industry, BSP can be trusted in providing high-quality PTFE products, processed products of versatile composite PTFE materials, and high-tier engineering plastics for clients, as well as customizing materials and products for suitable needs of cooperation between clients and their teams. At BSP, we provided the best service for clients, you are welcomed to contact our team immediately.